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Length - 31:26 -
Definition - 1080P

The Case of Stank Foot with Amber Mae

Amber Mae finds herself in the purview of Foot Patrol Inspector Archer Legend.  Inspector Legend approaches the young lady and informs her that she has been randomly selected for a routine foot inspection.  Amber is wearing sneakers on her way home from the gym.  Concerned that her feet might not be in their best state, Amber asks if the inspection may be delayed until she can shower.  Sensing that her evasive technique is an effort to conceal some greater criminal act, Inspector Legend insists on performing the inspection here and now despite her warning.

Archer soon realizes that Amber was being completely truthful about the foul state of her feet.  This girl has an awful case of the stank foot.  Though he is nearly brought to tears by the odor, the valiant foot inspector carries on with licking, sniffing and sucking those putrid size 6½‘s until uncontrollable gagging allows him to go no further.  Inspector Legend informs young Amber Mae that he must immediately transport her to the nearest nail salon for emergency treatment.  Special packaging is required due to possible bio-hazard contamination.

After a major scrubbing at the salon and averting a significant environmental hazard, Amber’s feet are deemed once again publicly presentable and street legal.  Inspector Legend tells her she is free to leave as soon as she pays the stank foot penalty.  Amber says the $195 fine is too much and she cannot afford to pay it.  Desperate, the young girl seeks an alternate solution to this problem.  Amber gets the upper hand  and “works something out” when she exploits Inspector Legend’s foot fetish to convince him to erase the fine and let her off on time served.

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