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The story of how Amazona decided to have fun with her students Leya and Tonya + revenge

By John. Made by request

The main dialogs are subtitles in English
Tonya and Leya graduates of the school and they are one of the best. They were invited to the headteacher who wants to talk with the girls about their future. When the girls came to the headteacher’s office they couldn’t even think that Amazona has a plan to have some perverted fun with them before they left school. During the conversation, Amazona offers them water. Leya and Tonya drink and slowly lose control over themselves…

In the next scene, Leya and Tonya wake up on the bed with their backs tied to each other. Their hands and legs are tied and even their big toes are tied with a string. The girls are in shock, what’s going on?! Amazona comes in ready to have fun. She gags their mouths with a bandage, tickles their feet and upper body, and also licks Leya’s feet. She greases Tony’s feet with oil and tickles her with a hair comb, which makes her crazy. Schoolgirls found themselves in a predicament under control of their crazy headteacher.
In the last scene, the schoolgirls manage to get out and they decide to take revenge on Amazona…
We see Amazona already stripped to underwear. She’s breast-roped, her hands are tied behind her back, and her ankles are tied together. Also, there’s a rope that goes from her tied legs to the bound hands, so Amazona can kneel but can’t stand. Her palms are wrapped with tape so she can’t get out.

The headteacher is in a quandary and very angry. Leya and Tonya come in and start to scoff at their offender. They Amazona to lick Leya’s toes, while Tonya tickles Amazona’s feet. Schoolgirls enjoy the taste of sweet revenge. Then Amazona is laid on her stomach and they continue to her, Tonya beats her soles with a stick, lick her toes (Amazona hates that) and tickles her feet.
In the end, feisty Amazona gets a ball gag into her mouth and left alone, bound and humiliated on the floor in her office.


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