The ticklish dice game for Milolica


Length – 16:19

The victim (Milolica) is mummified in a sitting position. Her arms are suspended to a ceiling.
Milolica is mummified with specific spots exposed: Ears, Nose, and Neck, Armpits, Belly and Feet.
Then, Home girl and Katrina play dice game. Each girl has own dice. They roll the dices at the same time and depending on the number, the girls tickle the victim in certain spots.
Each number represents a body spot:
1 – Ears, Nose, and Neck
2 – Armpits
3 – Belly and Sides
4 – Knees and thighs
5 – Feet
6 – All body, free choice
The girls tickle the victim by around 1-2 minutes. Then, they will roll the dices again and so on.
They are playing the first round and… Poor ticklish Milolica…

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