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Tickle posing - side chest

Length - 03:49
- 1080P -
Published 28 November, 2021

Training continues! Correct and firm posing is very important during professional contests. Italian body builder Claudia today has to train the “side chest” pose, a pose that brings out her big arm and shoulder (technically triceps, biceps and deltoid). She is being tickled again to improve her ability to stay still under every circumstance. The tickler changes to tickle her from the front to the back and front again: he tickles her on the top of her legs, under her arms, on navel and sides;

next he tickles behind the knees and her buttocks, and he comes back to the upper body. She cannot defends herself against his tickling hands! Hardly she manages to keeps her arms in position! Enjoy! (File format .mkv with subtitles, she said some introducing words at the beginning)

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