Tickling housekeeper - "Thank you and good Bye, asshole!


Length – 13:00

Housekeeper just finished her chores, cleaned all up and washed the linen. She decides to take a break and drink a soda as masked man grabs her from behind.
– “What the hell?!” – She mumbles through a taped mouth. The girl is already tied up in their home clothes, and masked man hangs over her with feathers in his hands.
– “Well today you’re out of luck, you will get my special tickling” – he starts to tickle her body with these words .

Her stomach shakes from the vibrations and nipples swell a little from the strangeness of the situation.
Tickler says he is from collection agency and he demands to repay the credit card debt.
She laughs, squeals jerks, because she was very ticklish. The tickler operates inexorably and tortures his victim. He says its the Bank applies a new method to extract overdue payments from customers.

Then he switches to her bare feet and uses a variety of devices including feather and electric toothbrush. The tape unstuck and she shouts “Sadist!” through the laughter. Very tired and exhausted, she can’t breathe from the tickling and she endures the last action of the tickler.
“Today you had enough, please pay on time” – he said.
“Thank you!.. And goodbye, asshole!”

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