Tickling therapy for psychopathic patient Polina


Length – 17:39

Plot: Polina was a successful fetish model, but decided to quit with filming and leave this profession. Her manager didn’t understand her motivation and doubted her mental health, so he has put her in a psychiatric hospital. Unfortunately for Polina, she got to a doctor who practices a new innovative method for the treatment of mental disorders: intensive foot tickling therapy.
Polina was shackled in a straitjacket and placed in a solitary room. She was soon approached by the doctor with his young assistant (HomeGirl) and they prescribed tickling therapy as a treatment for her. Polina got furious, started kicking and resisting, so the doctor had to drag her into his office.
In the next frame, Polina is fixed in stocks. All her toes are tied. The assistant blindfold her eyes and the doctor fixes the patient’s head with a strap. After that, they sit down beside her bare feet and begin to torture them with their nails and combs. Polina suffers and mumbles.

She denies the fact of her disorder, but this doesn’t stop the physicians. Then the doc removes the bandage from her eyes and releases her fixed head, then the tickle treatment continues with renewed strength. After the first seance is over, tired and exhausted Polina was taken back to her isolation room. She must rest and prepare for the next session. She will be healthy soon…

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