Ticklish nightmare of Ulyasha - 19 yo girl's ticklish big feet and upper body


Length -
27:56 - 1080P

By Dero

Ulyasha goes to bed and puts on a rest mask. She took off her shirt and went to bed in a skirt. When she fell resting, she realized that her hands are tied and there is a ball gag in her mouth. She can’t do anything and only a man in black hangs over her and is going to… tickle!
“Oh no! I’m ticklish!”, she thinks and feels the sharp metal claws tickling her young body. She squirms and laughs loudly, but the man in black tickles her beautiful body even more as he crawls under her skirt to her navel.
Now the girl is already without a skirt, in her underwear and the man tickles her big feet with a comb and hands. She just can’t stop laughing. She is waiting for this dream to end and she wakes up.

Meanwhile, the man takes sharp things and uses them to tickle her. He slides them over her slender body. Then he takes two large feathers and tickles the girl even more. Then he tickles her with his hands and Ulyasha almost chokes with emotions.
Finally, she wakes up – no one is around. She gets up and sees a metal claw on the floor, just like in her dream…

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