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Two Ural girlfriends - Yuna tickles Olya


Length – 14:00

It’s time to tickle funny blonde Olya! She’s hogtied on the sofa and her girlfriend Yuna is excited about it.
She wants to tickle her old friend and have some fun with her ticklish feet.
Olya looks great when hogtied by the way and she is really ticklish. She didn’t expect that she’s so ticklish because she’s never tried it before. Well, poor Olya, now Yuna will tickle your bare feet and ribs…

Olya laughs and wiggles a lot while Yuna tickles her. Yuna loves to do that, she’s playful and enjoys teasing her girlfriend. Yuna uses her fingernails, a hairbrush, and an electric toothbrush. All these devices drive Olya crazy and make her squeal and shake. Olya sweats from the tickling and colors on her face run down.
Yuna is happy, she always wanted to torture her friend and now her dream came true.

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