Roxy gets a sadistic revenge on Camily's helpless soles



Length : 15:10

Roxy was impatient to get her revenge on Camily’s feet and she has the pleasure to discover that she’s ultra ticklish.
What a sadistic revenge because Roxy is great as tickler because she is absolutely merciless and more Camily laughs more she tickles the helpless bare soles.
The tickling begins slowly with fingers and Roxy increases progressively the punishment with brushes and with the special gloves.

Camily bursts out with uncontrollable laughter as usual and there is absolutely nothing she can do to stop her
friend’s fingers and brushes.

Roxy loves to tickle her friend and she shows her no mercy after the tickling she endured first when she was at
the mercy of Camily.Camily can wiggle, She can giggle, but she can’t stop her feet from being tickled.

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