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Weird interview at a football team for Leya

Definition - 1080P
Length - 17:05


All dialogues are subtitled in English.
The plot of the video develops around the interview. According to the story, the beautiful young Leya comes for an interview with the manager of a local soccer team. The girl wants to play football and that’s why she’s here. She wears sportswear, with a bag and her own ball. She is asked to sit down and put her feet on the ball, and then asked to show her bare feet. Leya is a little embarrassed, this is her first time, and she tries not to screw up and follows all the instructions of her future coach.

The trainer comes up to her and begins to study her bare feet, asks to spread and point her toes, checks the sensitivity of her soles to tickling. Leya is extremely surprised by all this, but there is nowhere to retreat, it seems her future mentor likes her. Suddenly, the trainer brings his head closer to her feet and licks her soles and between the toes. Very unusual sensations for a young football player, she is flabbergasted, but it seems she even likes it!

The coach continues to lick Leya’s feet, massaging and studying them along the way. In the end, he states that Leya is suitable for their team, but as who? And why does the trainer have a collar with a leash in his hand? Do you want to find out? Watch the full clip 😀

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