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Weird interview at a football team for Olivia

Definition - 1080P
Length - 14:27



– Good afternoon! Is here an interview for joining a football team?
– Hello, yes, come in
Young and beautiful Olivia walks in and sits in the middle of the room on a cube. She is in front of the camera. The trainer says that he needs a film for an archive. He put her feet on a ball.

– First, I want to look at your feet and how you can move them. Take off your shoes, please

Olivia takes off her shoes and stays in socks.
– Great, take off your socks
Olivia obeys and remains barefoot. The coach comes up and touches her feet, massages them, and then begins to lick her feet. This comes as a surprise to Olivia.
– Are you sure that this is necessary, it’s all kinda strange…
– Yes, of course, just relax
The coach confuses Olivia with licking her feet, and she, being sensitive in these places, squeals and enjoys.

– You have great feet, perhaps I’d better make you a fetish model, believe me, it’s much better than just being a football player!

He orders her to kneel and turn her back to him, she obeys. In the end, he puts a collar on her neck and orders her to kneel down and takes her out of the room. Looks like Olivia got the job… Enjoy!

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