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When spying a friend is not ashamed – Liana licks Annika’s feet and then they play with each other

By Dero

Annika came into a room and sat down to watch TV. But what did she looking at? Moans came from the TV and Annika reached for a vibrator. She put it between her legs and turned it on while looking at the TV and rested her bare feet on a coffee table.

Meanwhile, her friend Liana was spying on her and she was getting turned on by watching Annika. The spying girl began to caress herself under her skirt. Then Liana knocked the door.
“What are you doing here without me?”, she asked and Annika immediately shuddered and removed the vibrator.

Liana sat down closer and took her friend’s feet, saying that she wants to play with them. She began to massage Annika’s feet and then began to greedily lick them, suck her heels and toes. She moaned and Annika got excited and laughed a little from tickling.
Annika lifted her shirt and touched her breasts and nipples. Liana handed her a vibrator and offered to continue.

Then Liana took off her friend’s T-shirt and sat higher so that she could caress Annika’s body with her feet. And rubbed her face with her feet. Annika was really excited and began to lick her friend’s swarthy feet. She did it with enthusiasm. Later, the girlfriends sat opposite each other and began to lick their feet at the same time. They moaned, smiled, and caressed themselves. In the end, they got tired and stopped for a while…

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