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Wiam and Myriam’s Audition – First Day in Paris !

Soooooo … been editing for a long time, but I’m finally back … and it’s time to see what we shot in Paris this summer 😀 !

You have seen them already, Myriam and Wiam are two parisian beauties I had the pleasure to meet ! These girls are both so kind and beautiful, and of course they are very … VERY ticklish ! We started our shoot with them with a pretty long interview so we can learn to know them a little more before we start torturing them :-p ! After that, the moment to tickle these two ladies has come !
They both experience tickling for the first time of their life, at least in these conditions, and you will see how ticklish they are ! Myriam and Wiam both can’t stand it ! An unfortunate news considering what is waiting for them …

Soooooo ... been editing for a long time, but I'm finally back ... and it's time to see what we shot in...
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