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Belly oriental dancing - Kristy belly tickle torment with ringing bells


Length - 22:56
- 1080P -
Published 3 January, 2022

I bring in Kristy wearing oriental clothes and chain her leash to a metal beam. Then I give her foot jewelry and she puts on bracelets with bells. I order her to dance and she slowly dances a belly dance. I correct her mistakes by slapping with a lash and a paddle and tickling her armpits slowly while she dances.

After the dance, I come up from behind and stroke her belly. I massage her navel and hit her belly with the paddle and the lash. Then I tickle her beautiful slender body and leave her alone for a while.
Kristy wants to get out, but I catch her and secure her hands at the top. Then I intensely tickle her body. I also tie her legs differently and tickle her again and slap her belly with devices.

When Kristy wants to get out again, she breaks the chain and falls. Later, she lies with her hands tied on the bed and I enjoy the tickling of her belly while lying down. I remove the belt from her belly and tickle her very hard making her scream.

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