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Nelly’s Mind Control

Nelly is for sure without a doubt, one of my all time favorite Dreamgirl! She likes to surprise me all the time, but especially after a long day with her hot feet inside her boots! She knows how bad I am addicted to the strong smell of her sweaty feet, and how addicted I am to all the little things that she does with her tongue! She comes in the room where I was napping, and wakes me up to have a little talk. She teases me by telling me how long was her day with her feet inside her boots. Just thinking about it makes me hard. She slowly takes her boots off, and gives me the permission to take a deep breathe inside her boots. The smell was so strong!

She rubs my cock with her finger while I was taking that deep breathe inside her boot. Nelly immediately noticed how hard was my cock so she totally covers me face with her sweaty, smelly socks just to drive me more crazy! She rubs her sweaty socks all over my face and just grabs my cock to show me again all the little things that she does with her tongue! She sucks my cock like an angel while rubbing her sweaty socks all over my face. She also wants me to take her socks off, so she can rubs her sweaty naked feet all over my face! I was totally excited to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles, while she was sucking my cock until she gets a huge explosion of flavor inside her mouth! Nelly is hot as heel again in this clip. Nelly’s at her best!

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