The One And Only, K-A-T-Y-A From NextDoorTickling * Shirt Off, Girls Revenge Time !*


Length – 10:43 – 1080P

Katya, The Mean Mean tickle machine, has ended up as our helpless ticklee.
I never thought that it’s possible, but I guess it is.
In the beginning, Katya still wears her hipster “I’m a badass shirt” but after a few minutes, Adeline and Khaleesi decide that they want to get more of Katya’s extremely ticklish skin uncovered.
the girls make Katya sit down and take her shirt off, while only releasing her hands.
after how ticklish she was in the first part of this session there was no way that we are releasing her legs as well.

we couldn’t take the chance that she will suddenly change her mind and run away from us, did we?
so Katya’s shirt is off now, and her super ticklish body is even more exposed now.
Adeline And Khalessie waste no time, the girls keep tickling Katya throughout this video.
Katya, you should have known, there is no immunity with us.
if you come to get tickled, we don’t care who you are ! you shall get tickled!

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