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Think twice before get to stranger cab babe fetish movie

When your absolutely favorite band plays in your city it’s a solid must to be there and enjoy the concert right? And this is just what’s happening tonight for Kate Anima.
Unfortunately, she’s on her own tonight when her friends didn’t have the opportunity to tag along…
Meantime our perverted friend has problems with the economy in his life and was starting to drive a taxi on the black market to earn extra money.
So it’s Friday and our friend has driven by to the arena hoping to have customers, and he has parked his car and waiting for the concert to end…

Here the clip starts: our friend sitting in the car waiting for customers, the concert ends and people start to leave the arena, but no customers for our friend, he waits and waits and finally a customer arrives it’s Kate, he notices that she seems to be quite tipsy and a bit high, she asks if he can drive her home and tells him the address and take a seat back in the car.
Our friend starts the car and drives away it’s a bit to drive to the address but after a while, they arrive at the address he stops the car and tells Kate that he wants 50 dollars for the ride. But he gets no answer she has fallen resting in the back seat. He tells her again but she is so buzzed so she can’t hear him. He gets angry and gets out of the car opening the backseat door and tells Kate “you owe me 50 dollars”. But she’s not responding, he gets frustrated and starting to think that he’s just gonna drag her out of the car leave her on the street and take here money. But after short thinking, he realizes that she’s so beautiful and it has been a long time since he had worshipped a girls’ feet.
He quickly gets to the glove box in the car where he keeps a pair of handcuffs for situations like this he grabs them and goes to the back seat turn her down on her stomach in the backseat and then handcuffs her hands behind her back. Even if she is out and resting it’s better to be on the safe side and keep her cuffed if she should wake up during the drive – he thinks and start the car and begin the drive home.
After a long drive they arrive at our friend’s hideout, he opens the car door and bears her into the hide carrying her on his shoulder down to his dark and cold basement…

Scene 1.
After a while Kate slowly wakes up and find herself in a tight hogtie, she starts to yell and our friend gets in the room, she screams:
– “Why am I tied up? Let me go!”
– “Shut up bitch.”
– “What do you want? Do you want money? I have money, take it!”
– “I have already taken all your money but I want something else from you…”
Then he starts to gag her while she screams and struggles. “Shut up and relax” – he says.
– “No one is going to rescue you from this.”
Then he starts to take her first boot off her feet, then he takes the second boot. He looks at the black socks and slowly takes both of them off her big feet. He gets excited when he sees her black stockings and start to sniff them, Kate screams and struggles she’s terrified for what he will do to her.
He is so turned on and rip opening the first stocking like he was peeling a banana. He groans when he sees her big feet, and rips the other stocking as well. Kate is starting to scream and struggle even more because she knew what’s going to happen next. He says – “You have such big feet I love it, I hope that you don’t mind that I’m going to worship them”, and then he laughs.
He starts to worship her feet and she hates it and struggles and screams all the time but he just continues and enjoys her big feet. After a long time, the man stops and tells her that now it’s time to play another game.

Scene 2.
When the clip continues Kate is tightly tied on her stomach, hands tied behind her back, no gag. She lies either on a bed, feet tightly tied together and big toes tied together. Her feet are also tied to the bed frame. The man comes in the room and shows her his equipment whips, flogger, paddle, and stick.
– “Now I’m going to spank you really good.”
She gets panic and starts to scream, he just laughs and once again gag her with a big ballgag.
He starts to spank her ass and soles switching between the different types of equipment, he also tickles her feet hard and instant. She screams and struggles all the time. This continues for a long time.
After a long time, the man stops and say – “This was great I hope that it was good for you too.”

Scene 3.
When the clip continues Kate Anima is back in a tight hogtie again and with the big toes tied together, she begs the man to let her go – “Please stop I will do everything you want if you let me go!”
The man says – “No way I will let these big feet go now”, and gags her again.
– “Your big feet tastes so so good. I can’t just let these big feet just go…”
Then he starts to worship her feet again, he keeps sucking and worship those feet and also tickles them insane for a long time, she continues to scream and crying and struggling, and the man says:
– “Maybe maybe if you behave like a good girl I will let you go after I’m done with you! And if you don’t you and I will see each other tomorrow as well…”
And then he continues to tickle and worship her big feet. After he got enough, he leaves her alone hogtied on the table:
– “Lie here for a while, babe and think about your behavior!”
The end.

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