(Tickle) Fight Quest! Pt 2: Ruby's Tickle Revenge!


Length –  16:33 – 1080P

THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Reagan Lush is infuriated, after losing a game of “Fight Quest”, by being terminally tickled by Juri Han (Nicole Oring).  Now, Reagan uses her avatar, Ruby Roundhouse’s last life, in hopes of getting revenge and finally winning the game!  Reagan/Ruby battles Juri again, but this time changes her moves at the end of the fight.  She easily dominates Juri, K.Os her and straps her into the stocks!

Though, Reagan/Ruby has obtained the object of her quest (a jewel called the Dragon’s Emerald Eye), she needs a special verbal passcode to leave, or she’ll be trapped in Juri’s temple forever!  Juri doesn’t want to give up the passcode, but that’s fine with our heroine.  She was hoping to tickle it out of her, anyway!  So, she gets right to it!

Juri howls, snorts, sputters and cackles as fingernails, feathers, soft brushes and the claw massager go to work on her frantically flailing, hyperticklish tootsies!  Juri is so overcome by the foot-tickling ordeal that most of what speech she is able to manage comes out garbled and incoherent!  Ruby revels in Juri’s ticklish agony, so she’s more than happy for this to take as long as possible, while Juri thrashes about, shrieking, guffawing and looking absolutely ridiculous!  Will Juri break?  And if, she does, will Ruby be able to make heads or tails of what she’s saying?  Find out now, in this customer-written, Street Fighter/Jumanji crossover parody!

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